Give your horse HQ before you ride….

Horse Quencher is a product you didn’t even know you needed! It is a must have. I keep a bag in my trailer and one in my tack room. My favorite use is before traveling with my equine partners. I fix them a bucket of water with Horse Quencher before we hit the road. I know when we arrive they are well hydrated and I am not trying to play “catch up” with their water intake. Once we arrive there are no worries about the horses drinking strange tasting water. A hand full of Horse Quencher takes care of that. At home I use it when the weather changes. When we get cold nights and warm days my horses water intake decreases. Horse Quencher added to their water solves that problem and allows me to rest easy!


– Brenda Nellums, Woodson West Farms

Brenda is a client of:

Joe Rosenberg, DVM (Horse Quencher Ambassador)

Paniolo Equine Veterinary Services, Inc.


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